Into the Blue

4月 20th, 2013




Into the Blue

平島 慎吾

SL奥慈清流ライン号テーマソング『Starlight Express』も同時収録でリリース!!
First album from Boston, of a young and energetic singer-songwriter, Shingo Hirashima.
This commemorative album produces a new path for him to step out from his old view of music to new blue age.

Song List

1. Happy Birthday

2. 君がいい Kimi ga Ii (You’re special to me)

3. 案山子 Kakashi (Scarecrow)

4. Call

Bonus Track
5. Starlight Express -SL Project Version-
[Music for Hitachiomiya City Commercial Video


All songs written and arranged by Shingo Hirashima
Vocals, Guitars: Shingo Hirashima
Keys: Ittetsu Nasuda
Bass: Hiroshi Tokieda
Drums: Hirokazu Suyama
Mixing, Mastering: Thayer Harris
Executive Producer: Atsushi “A2C” Tanimura
Co-Producer: Zawwynn Tan
Special Advisor: Jim Kelly
Art Director: Daiki Sakai
Photographer: Yao Hong Li
Produced at A2C Productions, Boston, MA

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