Power of Trinity

2月 12th, 2014 §

Power of Trinity


We have the song for when you feel alone, sad and the heart is squashed.
The new movement was finally released by Praying Artist “yucarry” !!

Song List

1. 光
2. Only One for Me
3. I Love you, Lord
4. Hikari English ver.


All Songs and Lyrics written by yucarry
Arrangement: A2C
Strings Arrangement: Yuki Onishi
Vocal: yucarry
Piano and Organ: Ittetsu Nasuda
Guitars: Ikuma Matsuda
Violin: Rika Ikeda

Mixing & Mastering: Thayer Harris
Art Director: Daiki Sakai
Photographer: Yao Hong Li
Executive Producer: Atsushi “A2C” Tanimura
Produced at A2C Productions, Boston, MA U.S.A

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